Windows Media Player 64-bit 11

Multimedia player for a 64-bit PC

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    64-bit 11

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    Windows XP

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    7.2 (59)

The 64-bit version of Windows Media Player allows you to watch movies and television on your computer. The player becomes the default program for you to watch these videos, and you get to see these videos in a better resolution than you would get with other players.

The Pros

  • The Windows Media Player 11 64-bit version takes on videos in the same way that your stock video player does. However, you must remember that interface for the player is improved.
  • The improved graphics allow you to see more than you ever have before. There are many items you will see for the first time when you use the player with its enhanced graphics.
  • The Media Player allows you to save the videos you watch or discard them. There are some videos that you may want to keep, but you can get rid of the videos that you prefer not to watch again.

The Cons

  • The Windows Media Player 11 may not feel enhanced to you. It is best that you make sure you enjoy the enhanced graphics. If the graphics do not feel enhanced, you should make sure you are using a different player.
  • The player is a very large file that may take up too much room on your computer.
  • The player will still buffer your videos as other players will. You cannot guarantee that the download times for your videos will get shorter by downloading the program.

The Windows Media Player 11 64-bit is a great program for watching your videos on your computer. The enhanced graphics will give you a better look at your favorite shows, but the videos must buffer at their own rate. You may not see the graphics as greatly enhanced, and you must remember that there are other media players that are less cumbersome.

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