Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5262

A tool that plays a variety of video and audio formats

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    Windows XP

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Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5262
Windows Media Player 11

Windows XP Professional users have access to the feature-rich Windows Media Player 11 for the smooth playing of video and audio files. This 64-bit version of Windows Media Player is simply a newer version of the media player that Microsoft has always made available for its operating systems. This means it has many of the characteristics of its previous version, but there are differences that set Media Player 11 apart from versions of the past.

Media Player 11 Features

What comes new with Media Player 11 is the ability to personalize. You can download add-ons-themes, and visualizations so the appearance and feel of the interface matches your style. Other than this, Media Player hasn’t changed from its previous version. The program is rather clean and free of glitches, so Microsoft didn’t change what was already working well.

Regardless of the minimal updating, this is an upgrade that XP users must have. The performance is impressive, the redesign is quite thoughtful, and there are many useful features that include:

  • Intuitive controls
  • Playback, repeat, and shuffle options
  • Back and forward navigation buttons
  • Improved menu buttons
  • The Rip, burn, Now Playing, Library, and sync buttons have sub-buttons that open more menu items
  • When ripping, bit rate and format are some of the aspects that can be adjusted
  • Play virtually any type of media file

As far as system specs, Windows Media Player 11 will play on XP professional 64-bit and newer operating systems. However, Windows Media Player receives an upgrade once in a while, particularly when a new operating system is released or when a major OS update is made. Unless you’re looking for more specialized features, there isn’t much need for any other type of media player.

The Takeaway

Windows Media Player 11 has everything you need for a good listening or viewing experience. From the personalization capability to the more in-depth controls that allow you to achieve many goals with your media, Media Player is a win. As your default media player, it will pop up to play media files and will do so without too much operational noise or trouble.


  • Easy to use
  • Personalization features
  • Watch videos and listen to music without problems
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Powerful and fun to use


  • Not as many features as some media players available
  • Details and album art updates can take a while
  • Not compatible with iPods or iPhones

The 64-bit version of Windows Media Player allows you to watch movies and television on your computer. The player becomes the default program for you to watch these videos, and you get to see these videos in a better resolution than you would get with other players.

The Pros

  • The Windows Media Player 11 64-bit version takes on videos in the same way that your stock video player does. However, you must remember that interface for the player is improved.
  • The improved graphics allow you to see more than you ever have before. There are many items you will see for the first time when you use the player with its enhanced graphics.
  • The Media Player allows you to save the videos you watch or discard them. There are some videos that you may want to keep, but you can get rid of the videos that you prefer not to watch again.

The Cons

  • The Windows Media Player 11 may not feel enhanced to you. It is best that you make sure you enjoy the enhanced graphics. If the graphics do not feel enhanced, you should make sure you are using a different player.
  • The player is a very large file that may take up too much room on your computer.
  • The player will still buffer your videos as other players will. You cannot guarantee that the download times for your videos will get shorter by downloading the program.

The Windows Media Player 11 64-bit is a great program for watching your videos on your computer. The enhanced graphics will give you a better look at your favorite shows, but the videos must buffer at their own rate. You may not see the graphics as greatly enhanced, and you must remember that there are other media players that are less cumbersome.

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